Wedding Cakes


About the Cake​

The cake is more for show than anything else. You can have a rustic, naked cake look, a simple white, or a fancy fondant. The cake can easily match any theme. Check out our Pinterest for more cake ideas.


You and your sweetheart feed each other cake (or smash it in the other's face) around the end of the reception. If you want, you can serve the cake to your guests, too.

Traditionally,  people freeze the top layer of their cake and save it for their first anniversary, you know, for sentimental reasons (be sure to wrap it up extremely well so it doesn't get freezer burned)! Click the link to see what Food Network's advice on freezing your wedding cake is.

On this page, you'll find talented cake decorators in Utah, as well as cake stands and toppers.


Dessert Edge Cakes

Dessert Edge is where my wedding cake came from, and it was beautiful (and SO delicious)! There were no problems at all. They have so many options for flavor, look, and they have stands you can rent. The best part? It's actually affordable!

Go ahead and click the link to go to their site, then call or email them for pricing.

McKenna Rose Photography

Northern Utah Cakes

logan - layton

See our top picks of cakes in all budgets in northern Utah below.

cake toppers and stands

Cake toppers and cake stands are unique, fun additions. There are so many options, from flowers and greenery (talk to your florist!), to glitter and glam, to rustic and relaxed! We've compiled a list of toppers and stands that you can buy, as well as some you can do yourself.


Below are various vendors from which you can find cake toppers, linked to their site!

Cake Stands

Cake stands are SUPER EASY TO MAKE for any occasion.

Scroll down to find an easy way to make your own cake stand.


Below, see links to places you can buy the cake stand of your choice. Be sure to buy (or make) one that fits your cake, and do so early enough to find another one if it doesn't quite work out as planned!

do it yourself

Cake Stands

What You'll Need

  • A plate

    • Any plate you want! I got mine at Hobby Lobby on sale. ​

  • The base for your stand

    • Like a candlestick, cup, vase, really anything. Use your imagination!

    • I got a candlestick at Hobby Lobby as well.​

  • Gorilla Glue or E-6000

    • Make sure it sticks!​

how to

It is this easy:

1) Get the needed things

2) Put the glue around the base of your candlestick, cup, etc.

3) Stick the base in the middle of the bottom of the plate

4) Let it dry

5) That's it!



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