after the big day

The wedding was beautiful, your honeymoon was great, but now you have to go back to real life. what? Here you'll find how to change your name and what documents you need to do so.

First, order a copy of your marriage license (NOT the certificate) from the county office you and your sweetheart went to to get your license in the first place. It does cost some money, so keep that in mind. 

When your license gets to you in the mail, go to your nearest Social Security Office. All you have to do is take your marriage license, social security card, and a photo ID. 

After that, go over to the DMV. Just show up and say, "Hey, I need to change my name on my license." Then show them your marriage license and current driver's license. 

Then of course, you'll need to notify your bank, employer, etc., and Utah's court's website has a nice list of everything.

That's it! Check out the links for additional information.